Holistic Nutrition Course

This course focuses on both Western & Eastern Nutritional aspects, which includes the practical side of Holistic Nutrition, energy aspects of food and 20 types of herbs.
This is a 12 hours (4 days x 3 hours) course would assist healthcare givers and those who desires the in-depth knowledge of the clinical concepts and tools of Holistic Nutrition for them to help themselves as well as their love ones.


HN 1 ; Holistic Nutrition (the Integrative path)

HN2 : Digestive Physiology & Anatomy

HN2.1: Detoxification Systems at Work

HN3: TCM Yin Yang & 5 Elements Theory

HN3.1Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet

HN3.2 Energy Foods 7 Herbs classifications

HN4: Diagnosis of Excess, deficiency & imbalance

HN5: Macrobiotic Diet

Total HOLISTIC NUTRITION Course fees: $320

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