Professional Certificate in Ayurveda Herbology

Ayurvedic wisdom is based on the ancient philosophies of India and provides a unique, holistic approach to healing. This course offers the student a wealth of information regarding Ayurveda, providing knowledge, advice and guidance on the treatment of conditions and diseases. Study and completion of the course will afford the student a solid foundation in one of today’s most popular and fastest growing complementary therapies.

Part 1

• The History of Ayurveda
• Principles of Ayuveda
• Pharmacology : 50 herbs will be taught
• Pulse Diagnosis
• Treatment of Disease
• Daily and Season Regimens
• Ayurvedic Diagnosis * Rasayana/Health
• Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines
• Constitutional Analysis
• Promoting Herbal Preparations

Part 2

Anatomy & Physiology * Pathology

Course Information

Course Fee : $2,000/=

Exam Fee : $200/=

Duration : 3 – 4 months

Training Hours : 200 hours

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