Professional Certificate in Medical Yoga

Five Study Modules + Practical / Clinical Class


Subject Topics
1 Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga Practices 1. Introduction to various Bogy Systems.
2. Effects of various yoga practices on various body systems.
3. Anatomy & Physiology of Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas.
4. Understanding Meditation & its effects in terms of changes in physiological variables during, before & after meditative state.
2 Insight into Traditional Yoga 1. Traditional Information on Yoga Practices from Hatha Yogic Texts.
2. Insight into Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
3 Yoga & Mental Health 1. Eastern Psychology (Patanjala Yoga Sutras) vs Western Psychology (Psychosynthesis in Yoga).
2. Understanding in terms of traditional texts & modern ICD-X classification of role of yoga as therapy in these disorders.
3. Application of Traditional information for Therapy of Mental Disorders.
4 Teaching Methods of Yoga Practices 1. Various teaching aids & methods applied for teaching yoga practices / meditation.
2. Basic principles of Teaching
3. Practice Teaching (Lesson Plan)
4. Conducting Individual Therapy
5. Conducting Group Therapy
5 Yoga Therapy 1. Concept of reversal of disease mechanism through Yoga.
2. Basic Principles & Methods for designing Yoga Therapy Modules – Diet Charts/ Schedule Rectification Charts etc.
3. Basic Skills for diagnosing various ailments.
4. Understanding Scope & Limitations of Yoga as Therapeutic Module.
5. Streams of Yoga as therapeutic tools.
6. Yogic Application in various types of diseases/disorders specifically those that are prevalent in the region.
7. An overview of the benefits of yoga as a tool for therapy vis a vis other therapeutic tools like Physiotherapy, Ayurvedic Panchakarma/ Medication, Allopathy etc
6 Clinical Classes/Practicals 1. Introduction to various types of Yoga Practices with explanations of clinical researches.
2. Explaining & experiencing the differences between actually doing a traditional pose & doing just an exercise.
3. Demonstration & Practice of Modified Yogic Poses/Breathing Patterns most suitable for therapy of ambulatory/ hospitalized cases.

Course Information

Course Fee : $2000/=

Exam Fee : $200/=

Duration : 5 – 6 months

Training Hours : 200 hours

Pre-requisite : Practicing yoga for the past 6 months under a qualified instructor.

For Whom : Yoga instructors, Para-medical aids, Physiotherapists, Holistic

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