Professional Certificate in Ayurveda Cosmetology

Beauty is not just skin deep or a cosmetic event, but also includes traits like freshness & vitality. There has been a great amount of study to understand the hair and skin, which forms an integral part of beauty.

The curriculum trains you to understand and analyze your skin condition and perform specific external procedures to provide the lost luster. You will have the knowledge of pathogenesis and internal treatment for various cosmetological ailments. They will also be trained in dietary, daily and seasonal regimens relating to skin care.


Fundamentals of Ayurveda

• Prakruti – Constitution of the Human Being
• Concept of Disease and Treatment in Ayurveda
• Concept of Digestion in Ayurveda
• Skin – an Ayurvedic perspective
• Anatomy of skin
Physiology of skin
Types of Skin according to Ayurveda
• Classification of Skin based on Individual Constitution
Pathogenesis of Cosmetological Disorders
Common herbs used in Cosmetological Disorders
• Common Herbal Preparations used in Cosmetological Disorders
Importance of Daily & Seasonal regimen in Skin Care
Importance of Dietary regimen
• Importance of Yoga in the Management of Cosmetological Disorders
• Fundamentals of Treatment of Cosmetological Disorders
External treatment: various types of medicated face packs, dry herbal massage, oil massage, Fomentation, Herbal baths, Mud packs, Body scrubs etc.
Internal treatment: Panchakarma, Herbal Decoctions, Home remedies

Part 2

• Conduct financial transactions
• Provide services to clients
• Communication in the workplace
• Work effectively in a retail environment
• Apply safe working practices
• Sell products and services

Course Information

Course Fee : $2500/=

Exam Fee : $200/=

Duration : 5 – 6 months

Training Hours : 250 hours

Pre-requisite : Open to general public who wanted to enter into the beauty industry

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